About Chris


Crescenta Valley Falcons 

Varsity Kicker/Punter 


My name is Chris Wood, Class of 2018. I am the kicker/punter for the Glendale Community College Football team. At 4 years old, I started learning the fundamentals of kicking by playing soccer year-round for 5 years. By age 7 I started playing football and found the transition to kicking footballs very straightforward. The next season at 8 years old I started kicking field goals in-game. I also played baseball and basketball for many years in the off season, but I ultimately switched solely to football, and it has been my passion ever since. I have played every position in football besides offensive line, but being a kicker has always been my favorite (although, the linebacker in me occasionally comes out if a punt/kickoff returner makes into the secondary). In my youth football league, PAT’s were worth 2 points while a conversion was only worth 1 point, and in some cases those extra points made the only difference for us winning an evenly matched game. Because of that I learned early on how valuable a good kicker is to a football team and strived to perfect my craft both on and off the field... taking private lessons, attending camps and practicing almost every night on what would later be my high-school field.  

I feel that football has set a foundation for life. Character, responsibility, commitment and hard work ethics are things I learned that will last a lifetime. ​I am enjoying this season playing at a junior college, but it is my lifelong dream to play football at the college level while continuing my education. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact my coaches or myself on my contact page.  


Chris Wood